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Continuing Studies (EN) Keep Learning!

Englishspeaking professionals from all around the world find a large scale of studies they can use for qualification and specialization at the University of Freiburg. Beyond images of a mystical Black Forest there are some good reasons for coming to Freiburg or studying online.

Program Overview

We are involved in Lifelong Learning offering general continuing education, continuing education programs for professionals and also an access to lectures for guest auditors. We offer open-enrollment courses, master degrees and professional certificates, often in an online- or blended-learning mode. 

In the sense of professional development and lifelong learning this part of the program is developing quickly at the University of Freiburg. 

Choose from online and on-campus courses of many subject areas, including microsystems and information technology, health and biomedical sciences as well as environmental management, solar energy engineering, international taxation or museology.

Search and book

A project team is currently developing a booking platform for continuing education in Baden-Württembergs universities. Have a look and search for you topics here:


The continuing education catalog is published each year and lists all Masters, Diplomas and Certificates of Advanced Studies as well as short online courses and postgradual programs at the University. Current information on the program is easily obtainend through this website.

Get in touch

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 Advanced Studies: Masters/Diplomas/Certificates

Freiburg University professional programs include professional graduate certificates designed to provide further theoretical grounding for practical work experience as well as a selection of master programs.

Gehirn Have a look at a video on the course "Mold a brain" in English.
  • Englishspeaking lectures for guest auditors If you live in or close to Freiburg, as a guest student you can choose from a range of lectures specifically chosen by the faculty. Admission is open without restriction of age or other. Please don't forget to register as a guest auditor.
  • Educational Transfer University programs for your career are designed and quality assured with the help of the Educational Transfer Department. It coordinates continuing education programs for those already working a job or dealing with their own idea of entrepreneurship. 

Biomedical Master IIInaugural Ceremony Global Urban Health (c) ZMG Uni FRmuseumerleben

Lifelong Learning, by legal definition and Higher Education HR policies, can be part of the legal teaching load of the academic staff as well as an add-on which is paid extra for. 

The University of Freiburg is taking on responsibility by developing new programs for refugees interested in studying and coordinating existing faculty and student initiatives and projects for refugees.