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Deprived Slum Areas: Be The Change!

"The last months of my journey in our Master program have transformed me, fostering a newfound belief in the imperative to effect change. I now view situations not as predetermined destinies, but rather as opportunities to challenge the status quo and advocate for improved living conditions. My current research on a deprived slum area in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia fuelled my dedication and changed my mentality. For all this I want to thank and express my heartfelt gratefulness and admiration for the masters program, lecturers and my supervisor".
Deprived Slum Areas: Be The Change!

Kaleab Worku in Addis Abbeba

Kaleab Worku, urban Planner from Ethiopia was a student of Master of Science Global Urban Health in 2022-23). He is now already doing his thesis work in Ethopia, see photo. Dr. Sonia Diaz and Prof. Dr. Axel Kroeger are glad to hear that the program, they keep running with their team is very successful in many examples like this one to help change the health situation in low and middle income countries.

Global Urban Health is a one-year postgraduate master's degree program attended primarily by students from low- and middle-income countries. It came about through the WHO-paid professorship and the content and interdisciplinary competence of the members of Center for Medicine and Society at Freiburg University.

Der Studiengang Global Urban Health ist ein einjähriger Weiterbildungs-Master, der vor allem von Studierenden aus Low and middle income-Ländern besucht wird. Er kam zustande durch die von der WHO bezahlte Professur und die Kompetenz und interdisziplinären Vernetzungsansätze des Zentrums für Medizin und Gesellschaft an der Universität Freiburg.