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Online CAS for West and East Africa

The CAS Online Programme in Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases is tailored to empower medical doctors in the Eastern and Western African regions. Covering fundamental areas, the program equips participants to contribute to public health initiatives, outbreak response, and healthcare advancements. The emphasis on practical exercises, including hospital surveys and entomology practices, provides hands-on experience applicable to medical settings. Acquiring expertise in data analysis enhances participants’ research capabilities, preparing them to make a lasting impact on Nigeria’s healthcare landscape.

The Nigerian agency, with which the university hospital works, already offers the CAS at

Bereichsleiterin Toni Bünemann berät das Zentrum für Medizin und Gesellschaft und die Wissenschaftliche Leitung bei der Entwicklung des Online-Angebots des Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). 

Der Absolvent des Masters Global Urban Health in Freiburg, Dr. Peter Asaga schreibt dazu: "In recent years, the importance of understanding epidemiology and infectious diseases has become increasingly evident, especially in regions like West and East Africa where outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola and malaria have had devastating impacts on public health. Establishing courses in epidemiology and infectious diseases in these regions can play a crucial role in building capacity, improving disease surveillance, and enhancing response efforts to future outbreaks."