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Global Urban Health MSc

The Master of Science Global Urban Health (MSc GUH) is an interdisciplinary modular and fulltime course for graduates in the fields of social sciences, medicine and in similar backgrounds with professional experience in health sciences, environmental health, urban planning, migration or social sciences.

The curriculum puts a focus on the analysis of environmental health risk factors and socio-economic determinants of health in urban areas and on epidemiology and infectious diseases, as well as on migration, violence and mental illness within vulnerable groups of the urban population. 

The aim is to convey knowledge, skills and competences concerning the identification and management of urban health, especially, but not only, in low and middle income countries. This includes the application of appropriate research methods for the special requirements of concept development, planning and implementation of health-related interventions.

The program is based on national and international Global Health and Urban Health concepts and is in line with international strategies such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Subject Global Health/ Health economics | Environmental Sciences | Management | Medicine/ Mental Health | Psychology and Psychotherapy | Public Health | Research concepts and Methodology | Sciences of the Humanities | Urban Planning / Migration / Policy Development
Scientific Coordinators Prof. Dr. Axel Kroeger Dr. Sonia Diaz-Monsalve, Prof. Dr. Hajo Grundmann
Type Master of Science
Organizer Faculty of Medicine, Center for Medicine and Society - Global Health and Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Freiburg. Experts of the Protestant University Freiburg and the University of Education Freiburg. Experts of World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva.

This course will be useful for


Health professionals and medical doctors, researchers, health policy makers and social scientists involved in city planning, health policy development and public health interventions. The course addresses target groups especially of low and middle income countries and professionals planning to work in these countries.
Prerequisites Postgraduates or professionals with 4 years bachelor (any discipline) with at least one year of professional experience in relevant fields and/or in relevant countries. Proficiency in reading and speaking English is required.
Format Lectures, group-work and self-studies, field trips, excursions.
Degree Master of Science (MSc) Global Urban Health
Credit Points 60 CP (ECTS). Please ask for current information.




University of Freiburg
Center for Medicine and Society - Global Urban Health

Dr. Sonia Diaz-Monsalve (Master Coordinator)

Bismarckallee 22, third floor

79098 Freiburg

Tel. +49 (0)0761-203 69269 and +49 (0)0761-203 69382